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The Iron Heel

by Jack London

“At first, this Earth, a stage so gloomed with woe
You almost sicken at the shifting of the scenes.
And yet be patient.  Our Playwright may show
In some fifth act what this Wild Drama means.”

New York, Grosset & Dunlap


Chapter I: My Eagle
Chapter II: Challenges
Chapter III: Jackson's Arm
Chapter IV: Slaves of the Machine
Chapter V: The Philomaths
Chapter VI: Adumbrations
Chapter VII: The Bishop’s Vision
Chapter VIII: The Machine Breakers
Chapter IX: The Mathematics of a Dream
Chapter X: The Vortex
Chapter XI: The Great Adventure
Chapter XII: The Bishop
Chapter XIII: The General Strike
Chapter XIV: The Beginning of the End
Chapter XV: Last Days
Chapter XVI: The End
Chapter XVII: The Scarlet Livery
Chapter XVIII: In The Shadow of Sonoma
Chapter XIX: Transformation
Chapter XX: A Lost Oligarch
Chapter XXI: The Roaring Abysmal Beast
Chapter XXII: The Chicago Commune
Chapter XXIII: The People of the Abyss
Chapter XXIV: Nightmare
Chapter XXV: The Terrorists