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Letter from Frank to Fanny Hall. Camp Near White Oak Church, Va.

          I send package of letters by express by Col. P. to Washington. All wify's letters have arrived but four. I think, as you will see by the package sent. They may yet come as some are very greatly delayed.

                                                                                                                                        Camp Near White Oak Ch.
                                                                                                                                                         April 11th, 1863

          Own dear one, I did not date my letter just finished & sealed so I put it on the outside. I thought I would Just write out the sheet to try & give you a picture of things a bit. I am sitting in the tent by the table on one of the three legged stools which I fixed with straps the other day. They do finely.
          The day is delightful. The wind is pleasantly flapping the tent. The Jersey band back of it has just finished a delightful air. On the hill in front, to the left of the camp, the boys are playing a game of ball & a few men are to be seen in camp who are excused from picket. Two are washing & are carrying a pan down one of the streets. A little Contraband over by one of the officer's tents has just been having a tussle with one of the soldiers. Heavy guns are firing, off some where. & The orderlies or water boys & others have been having a fine time of rolicing. Numerous diff. things: the officers in parade & going out to ride & "First sergeants to the front & center & then uppermost." "Outward face to your posts double quick march." & then "Best mind leaving me my horse & revolver & c. & c." Drums are beating round about. Boys shooting & chopping & c. & c. There goes a caring man across the parade.
          That puts me in mind of one of the poop whites down here telling Dr. Murphy & myself that there were some Calvary over there to the left. They are a most vigorous degraded lot around here. I must write a letter to poor William's father today, telling him of his death.
          Here comes Calvin Crowley, the base drummer. He has put a letter into the mail bag. You see we have imposing names in the regiment. He is a fine looking fellow, perhaps he has been writing to his lady love. Capt. Tapley's brother has just been here. Edo has brought his horse to him & he has started off to the Picket line to see the fellows. Capt. Tapley is one Capt. of our regiment who is engaged in the quarter master's department, Washington. He is a very bad man, that is the Captain was studying for the Ministry. Is fearfully profane & whims with a woman not his wife & do you like it, this was the man that was appointed to examine & write the proficiency of Chaplains for the army. It is indeed melancholy to think of the chaplains we have & have seen a number. Good by own wify with kisses from own Franky.