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Letter from Frank to Fanny Hall. Camp Near White Oak Church, Va.

I send today one of the envelopes from the packs wify sent me.

                                                                                                        Camp Near White Oak Ch. Va. March l0th, 1863.

Own Fanny Fan,

          I will try & send a little letter by this mail that will soon be on its way to head Quarters, We have had a stormy day today, a flurry of snow & rain intermingled, rendering it muddy & misty, without and making the tent the more desirable resting place. The fire is burning brightly, the axes are sounding merrily without & the mules are bellowing their general dissatisfaction. It is after dinner & I am sitting in a chair that my new camp bed makes when folded up; a most comfortable chair! Hastings sent the bed up to me a few days ago from Belle Plain. I am writing upon my little church book in which I store away the Sabbath school stories. The Col. has Just finished a letter to Col. Seaver & had Pete put it into the mail bag.
          Col. Seaver has taken a leave for fifteen days & the probability is that he will come to Plattsburgh & if he does, he will come to see you. At least he is planning so to do. I sent one bottle of pickles today down to Pliny Moore & also a paper of tea. He sent a fine mince pie the other day. I did not want to send my wify's pickles, but I knew you would rather have hubby do so then not to reciprocate favors. I took wify's writing off of Mrs. Coits bottle of Pickles, "Mrs. Coits Pickles" & put it away in an envelope. Do you know, dear wify, that I do not tear up even the wrappers in which you send the News papers, but keep them because my wify writes them. I have them all safely stored away & kept safely.
         There go heavy army waggons rumbling by & there goes the rattle of a neighboring regiment's drum corps, We will have no parade this afternoon, it is so unpleasant. We have nothing but drum corps, you know, for music now & we hear it for revellry guarde, most parade & all instead of a band. However we have lately purchased the instruments for a Brigade band that is for the 5th regiments that compose our Brigade, the 96th Peru V., 121st N.Y., 27th N.Y., 5th Maine & 16th N.Y. But the band is not yet organized.
          I have been reading aloud to the boys in the hospital for a short time. They seem to like it so much. Own one good by, with dear kisses from hubby, I have received your dear letter telling me of the safe arrival of the checks. Good by from own ever loving hubby.