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February 12, 1863. Letter from Frank to Fanny Hall. Camp Near White Oak Church, Va.

                                                                                                                              Camp Near White Oak Church, VA.
                                                                                                                                                             Feb. 12th, 1863

Own Dear One,

          I want to give wify twenty eight kisses for yesterday & then just as many more as I can, Own dear one. It came to me like a flash yesterday that it was wify's birthday, but it was after the mail had gone. I try & send a letter every mail but sometimes I miss, as they are not very regular about taking it & it goes off often before I think it is going.
          My own little one, how sweetly God has presented us from day to day & from year to year, sparing us in sickness to one another & leading our path gently. Surly dear wify, we can say, can we not, it has been in green pastures & beside still waters, He has given us sweet dear enjoyment & love & made one, both temporally & spiritual. One in our dear Redeemer & now he has brought my own one to see another birthday & oh what hopes he has given us to operate with it. We have indeed much to be thankful for as regards to each. All the blessings of the past & now in anticipation for all for which we hope, Then we but trust, own one, that goodness & mercy shall follow us.
          Hubby is very well, dear Wify, and everything is going well & my relations to the regiment is pleasant. I may say the more I know of its members & all about us. We have everything exceedingly agreeable in our own tent all being in the most pleasant terms just as friends & no restraint for most. Col. Palmer & Seaver made up their minds last night that they would put me into bed up into my five footer. So we had a tussle, hot & heavy, & at last they succeeded in getting my head up there, but could not get my body in. Well the amount of it was, as Gaply would say, we had a regular spice. The Col. & Col. Palmer are full of fun & I just mention one instance to show you that there is no stiffness particularly.
          Own dear one, take own hubby's kisses in spirit & we all pray for the realization of our hopes & offer God's blessing upon us. Good by from own ever loving hubby.