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February 9, 1863. Letter from Frank to Fanny Hall. Camp Near White Oak Church, Va.

                                                                                                                              Camp Near White Oak Church, VA
                                                                                                                                                              Feb. 9th, 1863

Own Dear Wify,

          Here we are yet in the same place. Hubby is all well & all is well. Yesterday was so muddy on the Parade Ground, that I had services in the quarters, taking two companies at a time, and service in the evening in the quarters. So I preached six sermons. But as the services were short ones, I went through very well & the men helped me in the singing.
          I will only write a few lines to let you know I am well, & I will send it off by this mail. I wrote to mother a short time ago & also to Mr. Eddy & sent him the check. Yes dear Wify, Indeed, hubby feels just as joyful as you about God's kind care & for what he seems to be giving us.
          Pliny Moore had a few day's leave to go off, but he thought he would not be able to go to Plattsburgh. I did not send my letter by him though, but put it in the mail. If he does come you will know why I have not written by him. Do not say anything though about his having leave unless he comes, for he did not want the major to write & make them expect it so he wanted him to say nothing about it & if he had time he would come. So do not mention anything about my speaking of it unless he comes to Plattsburgh. Pliny's a splendid fellow. I like him so much. Own dear one, I wish I could kiss my own dear little wify & I want you, own one, to receive it in spirit. We will hope to be together, when God so rules. I certainly feel in my love of duty at present, dear one. I don't feel any feeling cut not being in my line of duty & God will just as he always has done will tell me just what to do, will he not? I want to come to Plattsburgh dearly & I will want to know how God will arrange it for us. Own, your dear letter of (No. 35) Feb 4 came safely last evening. Good by own one from own ever loving hubby.