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Letter from Frank to Fanny Hall. Camp Near White Oak Church, Va.

                                                                                                                                Camp Near White Oak Church
                                                                                                                                                          Feb. 2d, 1863.

My Own Dear Wify,

          I have just sit myself down to write & the Col., who is smoking his pipe & reading a novel beside the Major (also reading) says in answer to my question of what day of the month it is, "I do not know Sir. Yesterday was the first." & then added, looking up from his book, "now look here what is that. Are you writing to Mrs. Hall again? That will never do. It was only Saturday you sent her 68 sheets, was it not? Now that is enough for any one woman to read in one week."
          But dear wify I am writing nevertheless. I sent off my journal letter Saturday written up to the 68th sheet yet 69th sheet so that makes 172 pages, so you see own one that I have written some for my own dear itty wify. I have to write by snatches as it is not like having a room to go to for a tent is a small place & what with people coming in & Courts Marshal & c. & c. & c. It is rare days I can sit down as I have now.
          Yesterday we had our usual service. The troops turning out & forming on three sides of a square & I think God seemed to help me even more than ever before & we had likewise a most excellent choir of voices formed of officers & soldiers standing at my left. (Pliny Moore was one) & all went off sweetly, occupying in all about 1/2 hour. Service at 12 o'clock. A little after 2 o'clock I went over to Chaplain Adams service with the 5th Maine & then in the evening our usual meeting in the hospital tent.
          In the evening came dear wify's letter after she had seen Mr Meyers the 2d time & also came Mr. Meyer's letter. I think I may read letters on Sabbath, my first and how they made me feel. Is it really true that God has so arranged it for us so sweetly & joyously. We must be very thankful, own one, I will pray God that he will guide me to rule in a proper manner. Own one, pray for own hubby. Yet I know you are & will.
          I am very well. Good by own dear wify with love from ever loving hubby.