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Letter from Frank to Fanny Hall. Camp Near White Oak Church, Va.

                                                                                                                                              Jan 26th (Monday) 1863
                                                                                                                                    Camp Near White Oak Church

Own Dear Wify,

          Here we are back again. The expedition has failed entirely. We have had a very eventful time & I have prepared for you a Journal of about 40 sheets, 160 pages & will send it off as soon as possible, There have been no mail facilities during our marches. We have received our mail but not yet sent any. Your dear letters have come, dear wify. You ask, have I forgotten you? Oh, my own one how could you feel so? If you could have been with own hubby & have known his constant thoughts of you. All the way he has written to you in sun shine and in rain, in mud & hail. You would know differently, but I think own Fanny Fan knows differently now.
         We really did stick completely in the mud. We were on the eve of a fearful battle, but the rain came down the night before, drop by drop, little by little, & destroyed the plans of men. Excellent illustration for Sabbath school, is it not? I have written quite in detail & will send it.
          This morning I was washing myself outside of the tent & a great bubble came in the soapsuds & I saw a little man in it with his legs apart. It was the image of your little hubby and he stood & marched himself round so as to make of the image a regular F that stands for my own little Fannie Fan, does it not. I will write in my Journal & finish up. Yesterday it being Sunday & of course I did not write then but I wrote a good deal of the time since I have been away. I will try to write now a little every day, a short one for we will probably be in camp a few weeks at least. We are all as comfortable here as possible in the same old tent before the same old fireplace & here I can write to my own wify. It is a beautiful day and how fair to be beautiful for some time. How strange it is that we have failed since we tried yesterday. It makes me feel that Providence was for the South & against us, Some officer of another regiment & I reminded him of Robert Bruce & the Spider web. The first few lines Bruce followed they might have said the same that Providence was against his cause & yet Bruce gained in the end & proved it otherwise.

Good by own dear one. I am so glad dear Grandma is better, give her my love & a kiss & a kiss to own wify from her own ever loving hubby, her own Franky.